Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Supergoop Advanced SPF 37 Anti Aging Eye Cream

Eye cream with SPF is like a unicorn in the wilderness, almost impossible to find. Ok you'll never find a unicorn  but  eye cream with SPF , that I can do .

Since our eye area needs protection as much or more than  our face  you'd think these wouldn't be so far and few but Supergoop comes to the rescue with their new Advanced SPF 37 Anti Aging Eye Cream.  I will freely admit to cheering when I  saw this because not only is it SPF, but physical sunscreen  of zinc oxide at that. 

The formula is light but not too thin. It is very white out of tube but blends  down on the eye area immediately. No white cast.  It's lightly moisturizing  which is good for a daytime eye cream. Save the heavier stuff for night. This is just enough , feels light on and won't interfere with makeup.

 Natural Oat peptides  for anti-aging wrinkle help are here, and mica is used for light diffusing properties to help brighten circles. Sunflower and safflower seed oils add moisture along with olive fruit extract.

And I did mention that SPF right ?  37 (  high for an eye formula) with  10.1 % zinc oxide and 7.5% octinoxate .

A patent pending formula and eco cert  certified  , Supergoop Advanced SPF 37 Anti Aging Eye Cream is $ 45 .

Find it at Nordstrom, QVC and

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