Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Vita Liberata pHenomenal Self Tanner

Vita Liberata is the unusually named  self tanner from the UK now available at Sephora. Have you noticed that the UK has some of the top self tanners ?  Remember St. Tropez is UK as well. Most would say it's because no chance of a sunburn there but I might disagree , since I got a little  burn on a Thames boat tour when I was there. Of course the Duchess of Cambridge and her sis Pippa are  two of Britain's most famous tanners with Kate even getting a  spray tan just before her wedding.

So Vita Liberata has hit our shores just in time for tanning season.  And I self tan, all Summer.   Their pHenomenal is said to be long lasting ,   up to 3 weeks with 3 applications which really appeals to me. It's organic and odorless.

Let's test it out.

 I did 2 back to back applications ( it's a foaming liquid)  which the company says should bring 10 +  days of wear.     I can say that Vita Liberata is one of the easiest tanners I've used. It goes on smoothly, dries incredibly fast  with no streaks , no missed spots. I did use the mitt, first time I have ever used a mitt. I always thought. " I don't need a mitt". Well after using it, I like the mitt. It's especially helpful when a tanner has deep bronzing agents as these do. Bronze legs= good, bronze palms= not good.

I applied per instructions in a circular pattern . Up, down , around. It dried in 5 minutes , had a nice not too dark , but very noticeable , bronze color.  With the pHenomenal, you wash off with water  the bronzer before re-applying. Then I did coat 2 the next day. You need to wait 3-8 hours between applications.

When the bronzer was washed off I was left with a light, natural looking tan. Nothing deep and  a little paler than I like and this was using the dark formula.  So building this is the way to go for me.

As for the lasting color, well that's where I had some issue. It's been about 7 days and I have little color left. That's about normal for all tanners with me but not quite extra long wear.

Vita Liberata does say everyone's skin  reacts different with tanner, which is true. So your results may vary.

Overall though, I like this a lot. Many people still have fear of self tanner . This is practically goof proof and so anyone who's worried about looking orange or streaked, forget about it. No worries with Vita Liberata and that's a huge plus. Dress and go drying is a bonus as well, as is absolutely NO odor.

Also available is Sheer Tinted Mousse, equally easy, fast drying ,  streak and odor free  with normal wear time.

pHenomenal 2-3 week Tan comes in fair, medium and dark - $ 54
Sheer Tinted Mousse- one shade - $ 37.50

Both at  Sephora  

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