Sunday, June 9, 2013

Meaningful Beauty / Cindy Crawford Creme de Serum

Meaningful Beauty is the skincare line by Cindy Crawford in conjunction with Dr. Sebagh. Generally I  don't really  do anything with infomercial lines or  much with celeb endorsed but I was curious about Meaningful Beauty since for many years I've heard good things about London's  Dr. Sebagh , back to when I first saw  his own high end skin care line, still available in the UK. I recall him being especially in demand for patients ( many actresses ) dealing with acne and I was asked to give it a look.

Creme de Serum has that always neat looking  double helix in the tube. The orange swirl is is the anti-oxidants including the French melon extract that the line is partially built on. The white swirl is peptide enriched and the clear gel is hyaluronic acid for moisture. These three swirls blend together on being pumped out of the bottle.

Creme de  Serum is very emollient but sets into skin pretty fast with  no residue left, and my skin was left very soft and plumped in the AM.  I haven't used it long term enough to judge any long term benefits  however.

The one thing that gave  me pause  was seeing vegetable oil in the ingredients.  I am a label reader and it was unusual to see that listed, at least in my experince. Yes it would be highly moisturizing  but so is hyaluronic acid or shea butter.

I have to say from my test , I was surprised at how nice the Creme de Serum was, vegetable oil aside, being  skeptical to say the least.  It was interesting to test it and maybe give any of you who have been curious a little insight.

Creme de Serum  is $ 90  or as part of the Meaningful Beauty 5 piece set,  the whole set is $ 39.95 for a 30 day supply.

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