Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Princess Charlene of Monaco in Vogue Japan

Monaco's Princess Charlene gets a big spot  in Vogue with the cover of  Vogue Japan's Health & Beauty special section.

Charlene takes some hits for her clothes as she favors monochrome looks and rarely wears any of the jewels to which she no doubt has access. While her style might not be my style ( I'd wear the jewels ), I do think she almost always looks very elegant .  Yes a jewelry piece here and there would be an improvement but that's up to her I guess.

The Vogue cover shot is gorgeous and very Charlene. She has those swimmer 's shoulders and she likes to show them off . She's got a cool, nonchalant elegance here and her lip shade while subdued is such a pretty one.

Naturally of the inside shots, the one with the dog is my favorite. 

What do you think ? Love  it or not ? Monaco makes a nice photo backdrop doesn't it ?

All photos: Vogue Japan


chatchien said...

I like her hair. It is short, but you can see in the pictures that it can be adapted into three different styles.

She has a minimalist fashion style, but she can carry it off because she has nothing to hide. Her face and body are her pride and she lets them star.

Beauty Alchemist said...
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Beauty Alchemist said...

Yes CC, she is more pared down but she can get away with it as you say. Good bone structure.

Thanks for commenting.