Friday, June 14, 2013

SUITS and Birchbox Team Up

SUITS is one of my absolute favorite TV shows.  The new season finally starts on July 16th after  a long, long hiatus.  It's rare  for me to get that into a series that I'd even write about it here but this is a good one.

It's not just the acting but the dialogue that makes the show. I love when a show is well written and on Suits the words just crackle  between the characters. It also features a take no prisoners female character in Jessica , the head of the firm.  She's unapologetically tough and occasionally a little ruthless .

It was a fun email day when one showed up that encompasses beauty and a favorite TV show. Ok it's  beauty or grooming for men, but still.

Birchbox  and SUITS have teamed up for an exclusive co-branded, fully customized box for men.

There will also be a host of social media  events and contests to go along with the season premiere.   Birchbox will be incorporating a series of exclusive, behind-the-scenes video interviews from the SUITS cast, live-tweeting events,  and  more throughout the season.

New subsrcibers to Birchbox by July 20 will get the SUITS box as their first box. The box will ship to existing subscribers on June 25. There is also of course a women's box, but it's not SUITS customized.

 Hit the SUITS Birchbox page if you want to get on the email list ahead of time.

And remember SUITS premieres on USA July 16th at 10 PM EST

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