Monday, September 23, 2013

Nails Inc Christmas Crackers 2013

Quite possibly the cutest holiday beauty gift I've seen yet is this set of Christmas Crackers from Nails Inc.

Instead of a  paper hat and trinket like traditional crackers, you get a full size nail polish in each cracker, four being new shades just in for this set. I especially love the rose gold foil Kings Road. It's a beauty.

I can't imagine too many giftees who wouldn't simply love this. You can give the box set or break them up and add them to stockings, gift bags or hang from a ribbon off a larger gift box.  

Each cracker also has a little fashion & beauty wisdom quote tucked inside.

There are 6 crackers and  at $ 38 for the set that breaks down to $6.33  each. The set will be available at  Sephora  in October.

Shades are :

Baker Street - cobalt blue
Mayfair Mews- New Fibre Optic Effect midnight blue
Trafalger Crescent-New Silver Galaxy Effect
Kings Road- New Rose Gold Foil
Kensington High Street-deep wine
Marylebone Lane- New full coverage red glitter.


Anonymous said...

Did the cracker snap or pop? Or was that element missing?

Beauty Alchemist said...

No, no popping or cracking. The end is just tucked , tightly, into a slot. So not quite the traditional way but fun all the same.