Monday, November 11, 2013

Yardley Holiday Soaps

Always one of my favorite budget buys of the season are the special edition Yardley soaps.  At 99 cents each  it doesn’t get  much cheaper. They always have a nice strong scent and are very moisturizing. This year's LE fragrances are Vanilla Sweet Orchid and  Almond Buttercream. 

The Orchid is a sweet  floral as you would expect and Almond Buttercream has a creamy scent with just a bit of almond. For stocking stuffing, guest bathroom/bedroom or tucking into a gift bag of other goodies these make a nice choice.

Yardley Soaps are available at Walgreens  and I’ve seen them at Shop Rite as well if you are in the Northeast. 

**press sample

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