Monday, November 18, 2013

Make Up For Ever Artisan Brush Collection

Good makeup brushes make a huge difference.  A lot of people who love makeup don't spring for good brushes.  Yes they don't usually come inexpensively but they are so worth it and will last long. Whenever I've given friends brushes , when all they used were the ones that came in the packaging, they had a wow moment.

New to the scene is a full, large line of 76 brushes from Make Up For Ever called the Artisan Collection.  Each brush is handcrafted by  a total of 30 people  and the line went through 5 years of testing before being ready.

They are synthetic fibers (  I thought they were real at first that's how nice the hair was) and have textures of wavy and straight . Straight gives more precise generous application while wavy give lighter and freer.

I've tried 3  so far and found them to be quite nice. They are a heavy tool, perhaps more than I am used too, but it isn't really an issue . I get a light application meaning I can build as opposed to getting too much at once  and they glide on skin .

My favorite is #112 , a very large brush that MUFE recs for cream and liquid foundation . The stiffer bristle set and pointed tip make it good for that, but I like using it for powder and highlighter placement.

#158 is a dual sided sculpting brush that is great for blush and powders and #242 is a large blender brush which is great for placement of highlighter, shadow and more.

Since we talk holiday gifting so much this time of year, while these may not leap to mind, a group of new  pro brushes makes a  great idea for the makeup fan in your life. These are the kind of thing they may not buy for themselves and if they are a beauty fan that seems to have everything, they always need brushes.

Make Up For Ever Artisan brushes are available now at   
, select styles in Sephora stores and MUFE boutiques.

#112 $ 46.00
#158 $ 53.00
$242 $ 30.00

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