Thursday, December 5, 2013

Marni Rose

Marni's newest fragrance Marni Rose  was instant scent love. I'm a rose lover and Marni's scent is a beautiful , just right rose.  It's a flanker to last year's Marni, which I haven't smelled yet, so can't compare.

Marni Rose is a rich yet fresh rose. The rose that's in full flush of bloom and scent with very little powder .

It wears softly , almost but not quite  a skin scent. It's delicious and while not completely unusual, it's still very pretty and devoid of any sugary sweetness that seems to be in so many perfumes these days .

The rose is right there from the beginning , bulgarian rose ,  with small hints of spice like the cardamom note peeking out a little as well as a little green violet.

Other notes include patchouli, white musk and cedar but these don't  play a large role. There are bits of them in the drydown but deep rose is very much the focus here. While fruit notes are also mentioned , I don't smell much of that at all. Just a passing spot of raspberry  at first.

Marni Rose has a refined feel due to the rose but at the same time it's not too fussy .  It's easy to wear for any occasion, all day etc. If you love rose fragrances as I do, then you'll most likely be as enchanted by Marni  Rose as I was.

Marni Rose is currently exclusive to Saks.
 2.2 oz EDP is $ 105

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Marge said...

Hmmm...interesting. I love rose scents that is why I am kinda curious about this. Hope I can get samples of it to test it out.