Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cover Girl Bombshell Volume By Lash Blast

The newest addition to the Lash Blast line from Cover Girl is Bombshell Volume. You may have already seen the ads for it in some of the magazines or drugstore ads.

New Bombshell Volume is a dual sided mascara. One side for mascara or bottom coat, one for a darkly tinted top coat.

The mascara side has a very large brush like many of the Lash Blasts. Being that each wand is attached to the middle piece, it's also a short-ish wand. The other brush end is  smaller , a  more normal mascara size.

The size of the wand does make this a little harder to work with, at least for me, but working with it was worth it as I got major length. Length is what I want most from mascara, I think most want volume, obviously both are good. My own lashes are somewhere in between. Not overly long but not short and not

While this is called " Volume" I think it does more for length and there was good definition. No clumping and lashes were separated well. There is some volume but not tons.

The formula is fairly wet, but doesn't smudge easily. Basically you do your lashes with the mascara , as many coats as you want ( I did three with no problems) and then add the top coat. That top coat is also black not clear and adds a little more deeper color to lashes while also sealing them according to Cover Girl. That only needs one coat.

Cover Girl Bombshell Volume by Lash Blast is sugg. retail $9.49- 11.99 and comes in Very Black, Black (shown), Black/Brown and Brown.

It should be in stores any time now as December is the release date.

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