Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cover Girl Bombshell Shine Shadow by Lash Blast

The new shadow that's part of Cover Girl's new Bombshell collection is Shine Shadow ( see new Bombshell Volume Mascara here) .

Shine Shadow is a cream shadow in a tube that goes on somewhat sheer but not transparent. It has light to medium pigment and leaves a wash of shimmering color on lids that does have a sheen or shine to it. It's  a dewy look to the eye, something often popular backstage at fashion week, but not easily duped at home.

Color Me Money,Copper Fling, Platinum Club

Shine Shadow is easy to blend , not thin but not thick and two coats gives best coverage. The deeper shade like Platinum Club has the most coverage.  They can be used on their own or over a powder shadow.

 I was surprised by the wear time. Cream shadows that aren't uber long wear generally don't last on me at all, but these held up about 3 hours. For me that's really good with this type of shadow, well with many shadows. For those who don't have eye makeup melt issues, you might do better.  Cover Girl does say they are long wearing for up to 12 hours. No shadow lasts on me for 12 hours, so I can't say how true that is.

These are fun for a little eye makeup update , maybe when you're headed for drinks or dinner and need a touch up, or want something you can swipe and go with .

There are six shades  and retail is $ 6.99 - 8.99.

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