Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Algenist Algae Brightening Mask

I'm very iffy with masks. I know they can do great things but rarely want to be bothered. For years I used clay masks for my oily skin, not often enough and every time I did use one, I wondered why I didn't more often.

So when this new mask from a fav skincare brand Algenist landed in the inbox , at first I was meh. Then I read the ingredients and when I saw salicylic and lactic acids ,  kaolin and bentonite along with all the antioxidants, I was  sold. I knew it should then be very exfoliating along with being good for the blackheads/oily parts too.

Can I say I'm really glad I gave it a test ? After using this my already pretty smooth  skin felt so much more smoother and soft.  My nose pores looked a little more cleaned out and shrunk as well. Score.

It is as you can see a kind of ick green color and yes, you look green while it's on and there is a not fabulous plant smell but there are also results.

$ 59 for a 2 oz jar at Sephora

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