Sunday, March 9, 2014

Roux Anti- Aging Hair Care

Do you know Roux? If you don't, your mom probably does , or did. Their Fanci Full Rinse was certainly a staple in my mom's arsenal for many a year . 

Now Roux is tackling hair care and doing it well. Their new anti -aging, sulfate free  line of shampoo, conditioners and treatment  help to build hair strength, reduce breakage , porosity and prevent more damage and if you have color treated hair, help it last longer.

I'm using the Keratin Repair shampoo and conditioner and Hair & Scalp Rehab Leave In.  My hair is healthy looking, soft but not weighed down, shiny and full with some extra volume .

The acid test ? The Mom. With her  thin, weak, double processed hair there's not much she really feels works. She has her staples but she's not averse to new either and was ready to test Roux. She emerged with hair that looked  a little fuller , something she struggles with, and it was well conditioned but not fly away.  She takes her hair seriously and her routine makes it look beautiful. Roux will fit right in. 

I like that Roux has created high end haircare at a good price. Shampoo and Conditioners are $ 10.49-$10.99 each ( about half some of my favorite brands ) and the Leave In Treatments are 9.29 for three , once weekly ampoules.

Want to try it? If you like Roux's Facebook page, an enter your favorite anti-aging tip by end of  Monday the 10th  you will be entered to win a sweet Louis Vuitton handbag and get a coupon for a free Leave In Box with any Anti Aging Hair Care product.

Roux is exclusive to Sally Beauty stores. 

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