Monday, March 3, 2014

Venus Snap Razor

You know how you see something and think this is just so cute ? Well take a look at the new Snap Razor With Embrace from Venus.

This razor is a mini that snaps into it's own case for taking along wherever you need.

Traveling with a  full size razor  can be a pain, worrying that it might snag or cut something plus they take up space. Not Snap. If you're headed on a vacation or just want to keep a razor in the gym bag , this makes it so much easier. It would be great also for the dorm room.

Snap performs just like a full size razor, I got a very close shave and it worked fine without shave cream as it has the Embrace 5 blades with a ribbon of moisture. It is a little harder holding onto the smaller handle but it does have a textured grip that helps.

Like all Venus razors this one is also refillable with Embrace cartridges.

The Razor itself measures just under 3 inches and the case is about 3 1/2 inches long.

Venus Snap retail is $ 9.99 and available now.

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