Monday, July 28, 2014

L'Oreal Pop Balm

Get a punch of lip color with L'Oreal's new  Color Riche Pop Balm.

In the vein of their  original Color Riche Balm, Pop Balm is very moisturizing ( jojoba oil and shea butter)  and creamy with a slight sheen on lips but different from Color Riche , Pop has deeper pigment and  semi opaque coverage.

Electric Pink, Wild Lily, Bold Blush, Fiery Red

There are six new shades in all, I have four here. All give a nice  bright lip look but nothing too bold.  As a fan of any tinted balm, and  of the Color Riche ones, I easily loved these. While I like all balms, the deeper the tint the better to me.

 Perfect for quick burst of color now, and when Winter does come, these are just the kind of lip product for cold days. You get good color and moisture  in one.

One shade Caring Coral came in the older balms as well.   I have the original one but not the Pop , so can't compare, but  in general Pop Balms have much more color than my older ones.  (There were also one or two other versions, but somehow I missed those.)

L'Oreal Color Riche Pop Balm is 7.99 and available now.

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