Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sun Bum Suncare

The name Sun Bum conjures up carefree beach days with the breeze blowing as you wade into the surf.

Whether you're  a beach person or not, more than ever we need to get that SPF on.  So why not  be a Sun Bum every day  ?

This full line of sunscreen  has sprays, lotions and  balms.  And I love the retro look of the  Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion bottle. Takes me right to childhood. It also happens to have that old school coconutty tropical scent .  The lotion is very creamy and lightly hydrating with SPF 15.  This chemical SPF also comes in SPFs 30, 50 and 70. ( $ 15.99)

The Lip Balms are SPF 30 and come in delish flavors like  banana , mango and pink grapefruit , shown. It has a very strong flavor too, at first and cocoa butter  for good moisture.  ( $ 3.99)

Rounding things out are a physical zinc and titanium dioxide  based Premium Endurance Stick ,part of their Pro line  for all over water resistant coverage ( $ 14.99) and Continuous Spray , a chemical  based SPF 50.  ( $ 15.99).

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