Sunday, July 13, 2014

Talika Zero Stretch Marks

 If you're trying to beat stretch marks,  Talika has a new treatment cream to help fade them.

Talika realized after reading a Univ. of Pennsylvania study that stretch marks aren't scars and need to treated differently. According to the company "Stretchmarks are caused by a contraction of the fibroblasts which then produces dysfunctional collagen and elastin giving the skin a grooved effect."

Zero Strech Marks has a patented ingredient, D- Stretch, which has Saw Palmetto to relax the fibroblasts  and help to get them back to their original collagen level and hopefully reverse the marks.

I , luckily, don't have any stretch marks so I can't tell you how this works, but if you are having issues with them, it's certainly worth a look.  The French take their skincare very seriously.

Talika Zero Strech Marks is $64 at 

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