Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Garnier Ultra Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream Night & Miracle Sleeping Eye Cream

Our skin works to heal itself at night and to assist in this, more companies are doing products that are meant to be worn while we sleep .  Garnier 's new Ultra Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream  and Miracle Sleeping Cream Anti Age Anti Fatigue Eye Cream are two new entries. 

Ultra Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream is a thick gel/cream for the face to help moisturize  and decrease fatigue .  In the pot when you first touch it, it bounces back, jello like . A small amount goes a long way with this and as it blends into your skin it absorbs quickly with no greasy feel but skin  feels immediate hydrated and smoothed.  In the AM skin still feels moisturized as well as plumped and very smooth. I haven't used it long enough to speak of any anti- aging results but for skin in need of a moisture boost, I like this. 

Garnier means this to be almost a sleeping mask with technology that is said to help hold this onto skin so ingredients have time to work.  Active ingredients include : LHA, for radiance, Adenosine, to fight the signs of aging, extract of Albizia, to combat fatigue, hyaluronic acid for  extremely hydration , extract of Ruscus, which boosts skin’s micro circulation, jojoba and lavender essential oils.  There is a light floral fragrance . Stronger in the jar than on your skin. Once on I didn't notice  it.  

Ultra Lift Miracle Sleeping Anti Age Anti Fatigue Eye Cream is a mainly a gel. It has a lot of slip and good moisture in there as well. It smoothes easily on the eye area and has been doing a nice job of keeping my drier eyes hydrated. My one concern with this is the inclusion of denat. alcohol on the ingredients. It's there most likely to give this slip but it can be drying or irritation and not really something I like to see in eye creams.   Other ingredients include caffiene, adenonsine, glycerin albizia bark extract .

Garnier Ultra Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream & Eye Cream are available now.   Night Cream is  $ 16.99 and Eye Cream  is 14.99 ( prices approx.)

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