Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mukluks 3 In 1 Gloves

These gloves came as a Christmas present from my bestie , and with the temps falling fast I thought I'd share them as they are perfect for this time of year.

I loved them as soon as I opened them  and then said wow, you found something I'd never seen before. ( A very hard thing to do. I'd heard of their boots years ago but nothing else) .  She'd picked up them up from QVC where a quick perusal shows there is a whole page devoted to various winter worthy Mukluk items.

These gloves are both regular glove and fingerless and can be worn together for maximum warmth. The main glove is extra long , big bonus, and the index and thumb digits are usuable with our phone screens.  The fingerless part is heavy cable knit with a contrasting, soft faux fur  lining.

These are fun and practical , great for dog walking, snow shoveling,  or just the Target run.

Color shown is Blue Spruce . Four other colors available also.

Mukluk 3 In 1  Cable Knit Gloves are currently 18.47 on QVC   .Styles are also on Amazon and

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