Friday, April 17, 2015

Bond No.9 Park Avenue South

Bond No. 9 fragrances is heading a little farther down Park Ave. for their newest, Park Avenue South. It's a bustling neighborhood I've visited a little and has no doubt grown since I was last there .

Park Avenue South the fragrance  one of those simply beautiful florals that smell fabulous and just say Spring.

This has a crisp edge to it  along with those florals. The green apple note is very prominent in the middle, after a light start, but is never super sweet . The white floral of jasmine is very much there as well, and I get hints of lily also ,which isn't listed in the official notes. Peach is in here too but again not sticky sweet and it doesn't come on too strong. Mainly this is all about the apple and jasmine, which to my nose is a good combo.

At the drydown there is a tiny bit of musk and amber but  the floral remains throughout.

Like I said, pretty. Easy to wear but not boring with  light sillage.

The fragrance comes in perfume ,  Body Silk and a candle all in a polka dotted bottle.

Bond No. 9 Park Avenue South is $ 200 for 50 ml, $ 295 for 100ml, $ 135 for Body Silk and $ 115 for the candle.

Find them at Saks, select Nordstrom and Harrods in the UK.

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