Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lancome Miracle Cushion Compact Foundation

The news that Lancome was doing a cushion compact foundation broke some time ago and I've been waiting since to test it out. This type of foundation is a huge trend in Asia and while you can get some Asian brands  online this is the one of the few first US brands to debut one.  And Lancome knows how to do a great foundation.

I generally love a compact foundation anyway , usually a powder type but creamy ones too if they work for my skin type. You can apply them quickly and keep them handy for touch ups.

Miracle Cushion has  a nice light feel on skin . It goes on easily with the included sponge and blends right out.  The coverage is light to medium and buildable but it doesn't build too far . You'll get just to barely medium coverage but it does make skin look smoothed and  covers some imperfections.

This has a slightly dewy look to it once on.  While I loved how it worked and looked,  over the course of the day it didn't do well with my oily skin. I got a lot of oil breakthrough and of course with the weather warming up my skin is heading into it's oilier phase. If you have normal to drier skin this is a great foundation.  If it was more matte , for me, it would be a total win. (Glycerin and Ester ( a synthetic ) Oil are two ingredients for hydration, along with adenosine for brightening)

The compact comes with an air tight sealed compartment to keep the product safe. The sponge sits on top of the lid and you close the main top lid over that. It's easy to tap the sponge on the cushion , and you can grab a lot or a little product this way.

Miracle Cushion comes in 11 shades and as mine was a sample, the label was peeled and I do not know for sure what shade it is . I think it's 140 Ivoire.

Lancome Miracle Cushion Compact Foundation is $ 47 and the compact is refillable.


MarciaF said...

I've had the cushion foundation from IT Cosmetics for at least 8 months and the one from Pur Minerals for over 4 months. Lancome didn't break any ground with these buy they are the easiest brand to find that has them.

Beauty Alchemist said...

That's right, I have seen the IT one. Forgot all about it. But true Lancome the most commercial brand so far. Thanks for weighing in, Marcia.