Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Guerlain Summer Rouge Automatique Yellow It Stick & Blue Ocean Summer Shadow

Guerlain Summer this year strays a little off their usual path. Colors are a bit edgy and bright at times  for them but still the luxe makeup we know and love.

One  of the two new Rouge Automatiques ( a fab lipstick formula if you haven't tried it ) is Yellow It Stick.  I was pretty sure I could rock a yellow lip if needed but had a feeling it wouldn't be that bold and I was right. Don't fear the yellow  here , the color goes on a semi sheer shimmery gold. It's quite pretty. On it's own it's own it's a sparkle of color that will also punch up a lipgloss or tone down a deeper shade. And with a tan, yes it will look extra good.

Also new is Blue Ocean Summer Eyeshadow , one of two new shades. The other a sand beige.   Blue Ocean is a watercolor wash of  liquid eyecolor . Again less bold than in the tube but a fun, pretty shade  with light to medium pigment that dries super fast to a powder feel waterproof finish.

Guerlain Summer is available in May at Nordstrom, Sephora , Saks  and Neimans.

Blue Ocean Summer  Eyeshadow is $32
Rouge Automatique Yellow It Stick is $ 37

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