Wednesday, May 13, 2015

H&M Debuts New Beauty Line

Come this Fall, there will be another place to get your beauty product fix.  H&M is debuting a full cosmetic line in September.

In Europe H&M has had makeup for some time. This new line will replace that .

Prices  for the 700 pieces will range from  $2.99 - $24.99  and the line includes make-up, haircare, body care and beauty tools as well as future seasonal collections. They will be in  H&M stores in 40 countries . Later in the fall, H&M will also introduce a premium beauty collection and a certified-organic beauty collection as an extension of H&M’s Conscious Collection, comprised entirely of plant-based and naturally-derived ingredients and packaged using recycled materials.

The image looks good, with nice packaging , although some  of it is a little similar to CK One makeup compacts.

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