Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport, Touch Of Color Tinted & Sheer Touch SPF Summer 2015

A staple of Summer , Hawaiin Tropic has three new ways to to prteoct your skin this season.

Island Sport Ultra Light  is is a super lightweight spray . This goes on and you barely feel like there is anything on your skin. It's oil free with no sticky feel and little scent.  I love this for anytime ,  who likes to feel like they have sunscreen on during the day? Out by the pool or beach , sure but at the baseball game or running errands?   It's SPF 30 Broad Spectrum and 80 minutes water resistant as well as sweat resistant.  There is also a matching SPF lotion.

Touch Of Color Tinted Spray Lotion - Want a little already bronzed look with your SPF? This new formula adds just a tint of color . Not self tanner deep but a light boost. Caramel and mica extracts add the glow on skin . It's  moisturizing along with an SPF 4 or 15 . Even at night you could use this for a quick color touch up on legs, arms or decollete.

Sheer Touch Clear Spray is an addition to the Sheer Touch line with their Ultra Radiance formula lotions they've had for some time. I've used them for years , with them often subbing for fragrance as a body lotion/SPF.  This has the well known Hawaiian Tropic scent we love and is light but does have some feel on your skin. Extracts of guava, papaya and plumeria are there to help condition and soften skin. Comes in SPF 15 & 30. 

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