Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hawaiian Tropic- Silk Hydration Face SPF, Sheer Touch & SPF 30 Dry Oil

The sun is shining, well most days. It's going to be in the '70s here this weekend and my mind starts to think about sunscreen . Ok, other things too like sandals and how expensive limes have gotten , but SPF is  definitely back on my mind.

Hawaiian Tropic, they of the amazing smelling sunscreens , have some new ways to protect your skin this year .

Within their Dry Oil line there is now an SPF 30. Great for those who love oils but didn't like the lesser protection many offered.

Also new is a more radiant formula in Sheer Touch. Having used this in the past I didn't notice too much more radiance or shimmer but it was there. Just a little to catch the light a bit. This one comes in  SPFs 50, 30 and 15. It  goes on light , sinks in fast. I  use this like a scented body lotion.

Then there is Silk Hydration Face Lotion. If you've wanted an HT for your face,  here it is. This offers that fabulous scent, is oil free and moisturizing but not greasy oil free with SPF 30 .

All of these Hawaiian Tropic sunscreens offer broad spectrum SPF with chemical sunscreens and retail for $ 8.99.

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