Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Olivia Garden Ionic Large Paddle Brush

I had a chance to try out  a  new brush from Olivia Garden. I had seen the brand on trips to  Ulta previously.

The company makes a wide selection of brushes , mine is the Ionic Large from the Ionic Paddle line.

The handle is  made from sustainable bamboo and is durable but lightweight. ( And I can tell you from the invasive bamboo that grows in part of my yard, the stuff is indestructible and grows fast.)

The Ionic Paddle Brush's cushion and bristles are ionic and anti static. It smoothes through my thick hair easily and works well when blow drying . I only use it a little during drying as I use a round brush most of the time, but  I wanted to test it under blow dry conditions.

As my everyday hair brush , it's a definite like and I plan to check out the line more extensively next time I am in Ulta.

Olivia Garden Ionic Paddle Brush is $ 13.95

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