Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MAC Mangrove & Pink Fringe- Proenza Schouler

The Proenza Schouler x MAC collab has been a hotly anticipated one.  It's almost here and  while it's a smaller collection there is plenty to choose from.

The packaging is a metal ombre look and I really like it. The tubes that house the lipsticks are heavy.

I have two of the new lipsticks , Mangrove and Pink Fringe. Neither are for the shy.

Mangrove is a bright coral red, more red to my eye and a matte, while Pink Fringe is a what MAC calls a "vivid flamingo pink" , and right they are. In the tube this looks to have less lip impact than it does on lips. It's bright and  a bubblegum sort of pink .   Pink Fringe is a satin .

MAC Proenza Schouler is on counters April 24th, online April 21st and is LE.

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