Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Smashbox Always Sharp 3D Eyeliner

Fellow eyeliner enthusiasts we have a new one in the house. And it's always sharp. Yes , the new Smashbox have a sharp point ready at the end every time you twist off the cap.

Coming in eight shades, Always Sharp 3D have a twist off cap and every time you open that cap it sharpens the pencil inside. Genius.  The eyeliners themselves are creamy, glide along the eye easily and wear well.

The pigment is  good, deep and all have pearl shimmer, but it's not super noticeable on the eye.

I do wonder if the constant sharpening will wear the liner out quickly, something I'll keep an eye for as I use mine more. I love the idea of  that point being ready as soon as I take the cap off though.

Shown are  olive 3D Billionaire and shimmery black 3D Galaxy .

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