Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lorde Teen Vogue May 2014 Video

I love Lorde . Do you ? First off there are her songs which I admit to listening to over and over . Then there's her not afraid to be herself  persona. She seems very cool and far older than her years. She calls herself a weirdo in the video below, but I wish she wouldn't. Different maybe but so what ?

She's  covering May's Teen Vogue . I love her as a role model for teens, girls etc. For one thing she keeps her clothes on. No sheer bodysuits or less for her. Her quote on the cover "prescribed ideals of how girls should look are over" is wonderful. I only hope it's true. 

I always gravitated towards rocking women as influences or whatever you will call them growing up. Pat Benatar, Debbie Harry. Yes they were pretty but they did it their own way. Pat was singing You Better Run, not come here and let me swoon for you. Debbie told us about the  Heart of Glass that bit her in the , you know where . The  ladies of Heart fall into this category as well along with Joan Jett . I loved and still love those songs. I was not a pretty in pastel flowers kid once I got past 6 and even then only on Easter. No apologies.

Lorde is such a  huge presence right now. I hope she has staying power and stays true to who she is. For a look at the makings of the cover and an  interview with her , hit the video.

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