Monday, April 14, 2014

Kushyfoot Spring 2014

New Kushyfoot always gets my vote . I love this brand for those massaging soles on the bottom of much of their footwear. It's a small thing but really helps. They of course do many kinds of foot gear  and Spring brings a few new styles.

In the  Low Cuts Foot Cover  category , which have a nice pad under the ball of foot area, there are  new Extreme Low Cut  for the least coverage in addition to Ultra Low Cut. More low cut styles will also be offered in a larger size for sizes 9-12.   Foot Covers are $ 3.99 each or 7.99 for a two pack.

Also new are Sheer Anklets,  which come with a comfort top  in nude or black. I love anklets like this  far more than a knee hi and wear them through the seasons unless it's super cold or  hot out.  They're not easy to find, I've even grabbed some when I was in Paris , so these are a nice addition .  $ 3.99 each.

Kushyfoot is available at drugstores, and Rite Aid often has a BOGO with them.

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