Wednesday, April 2, 2014

NARS Olympia Contouring Blush

The run on new blushes continues, adding to the many lovely ones we've seen the past couple months is new Contouring Blush from NARS .

These duos contain a lighter highlighting shade and a deeper contouring shade. I chose the lightest duo-  Olympia which has ivory paired with a dusky rose.

The pigment here is good and the rose side goes on with plenty of color but nothing too harsh. It also blends down really well. There is no  visible shimmer in either shade . The rose  has a bit of  brown in it and is a great neutral that does the job of contouring well.

If you're new to contouring , the idea is to darken certain areas , here that would be the cheekbones ( start in the hollows and follow along  in towards the hairline) to give them definition , and to highlight others , here along the top of   cheekbones to the temple and maybe the brow bones to bring the light to these areas. Notice how the deeper shade pulls in light while the lighter side reflects in my swatch? Exactly. Done  right you can sculpt your face a  little .

This is a super simple description. One of the best  pieces on contouring I've read is Jillian Dempsey's newest article in Allure this month . The top tip? Blend and blend well. You don't want strong "lines" of color. NARS also recommends putting a pop of your favorite blush on the apples of cheeks as well.

Even if you aren't one to do contouring, Olympia is a pretty easy to wear blush that makes it simpler .

NARS Contouring Blush Duos also come in two more colorways, Paloma and Genah, both deeper than Olympia.

Available now for $42

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