Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kushyfoot Summer 2015

It's time to look at what's new from one of my fav foot product brands- Kushyfoot.  I love their cushion bottom trouser socks and knee hi's. That massaging sole truly helps.

New for Summer is a Sheer Knee Hi and Foot Covers with a  cotton sole. This is so great. If you have to wear something on your feet when it's warm having a cotton sole for cooler comfort is a good idea. Both sizes means there's something for all your shoes. Retail $ 3.99-$5.99

Also available are Peep Toe Foot Covers to wear with open toe heels , Lace Top Toe Covers which have an invisble slingback to wear with open back shoes . Retail $ 3.99

Lastly are Cushioned Foot Covers. Low cut , no show and thin but with the massaging sole for all sneakers or just a light cover when padding around the house.  Retail $ 7.99 for a twin pack.

I always mention when I talk Kushyfoot to keep an eye for BOGO at Rite Aid. They have them often and that's when to stock up.

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