Tuesday, November 24, 2015

mark Clutch Situation 5 Piece Makeup Brush Set

A glittery clutch filled with makeup brushes , what's not to love ? This cute clutch from mark. is a fancy holding spot for the brushes , guaranteeing them a place on the vanity.

There are five brushes inside and they are very soft with full brush heads and festive deco'd handles .  This was my first look at mark brushes and I have to say I was impressed with the feel of these. They're very good .  You get two larger ones for face  and three smaller eye brushes. All the basics .

The clutch has elastic openings for each brush so really can't be used without them in it, but for storing them or keeping them handy in your bag, it makes a stylish look the beauty lover on your gift list should love.

mark. Clutch Situation 5 Piece Makeup Brush Set is  $34 at www.meetmark.com

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