Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Clinique Sun Kissed Face Gelee

The sun is really shining today and tomorrow will be 80 so I'm thinking about my pale self and getting a little color. Baking in the sun isn't the best option, we all know that ,so makeup gives us a little help.

If you want to go a route other than powders , a liquid bronzer can be the answer. I generally like them and this new one from Clinique is easy to use and gives a nice bit of color but isn't super dark or orange-y.

New Sun Kissed Face Gelee is a lightweight gel that you can use alone or add to makeup. Clinique says it works best mixed in foundation but I used  right on skin and was happy with the results.  In foundation it can deepen a lighter shade just a little and give you a glow. Alone it adds that same slightly bronzed glow.

There isn't much shimmer in this and it is sheer, blending out pretty easy. It's also oil free and has no moisture. It's meant to add glow and color, not moisture.

Clinique Sun Kissed Face Gelee is $ 26.50

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