Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Marc Jacobs Pear Splash EDT

The Marc Jacobs fragrances from a few years ago back are back. Remember those huge bottles or vats as I called them?  Now the fragrance is the same but they come in a smaller, more manageable  size , albeit for a similar price.

Rain , Cotton and Cucumber also return along with Pear .  For some reason I don't  remember Pear  but I generally like pear fragrances so this was a go. These are still more a body spray than a perfume (it's an EDT)  and with splash in the name, you get the idea.  They weren't strong nor had loads of lasting power  but I loved the fragrances anyway . It does seem though, that this iteration of Pear lasts longer than the others I had.

Pear has fruit and dry green notes at the beginning. While you get fruit, you also really get the Gin Accord and Juniper.  Then the dewy floral of freesia and musk come along.  As it dries down the musk remains along with the woods notes and some of the juniper lingering and it is far less fruity . Pear is not a sweet fragrance and has a unisex feel making it a  nice warm weather fragrance.

Full Note List:
Top:       Pear, Bergamont, Lemon Peel
Heart:    Gin Accord, Juniper, Freesia
Base:     Teakwood, Musk, Soft Amber

Marc Jacobs Splashes are  $ 62 for 3.4 exclusive to Saks  and are while supplies last. 

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Grlnxdor said...

I'm pretty sure I saw these at Sephora last week. I sniffed the bottle of the Cotton one.