Thursday, April 7, 2016

Norell New York

Norell is a brand/fragrance that was around for long time. From 1968 on it was a classic basically.  A big spicy aldehyde type scent loaded with carnation, rose , oakmoss,  and cinnamon .Then sadly it disappeared . I still have a bottle of it from the late 80s.

Last fall ,Norell made a comeback as Norell New York. It's an updated fragrance, nothing like the original but still a very beautiful perfume.

Norell New York is a white floral scent with jasmine ( there are said to be over 200 jasmine petals in each bottle) along with  gardenia, peony and a touch of iris as a tip of the hat to the original.  In the beginning there is a light burst of fruit and citrus along with the florals. This gives it a fresh green feel. As the drydown comes along the iris is present along with vetiver and a touch of sandalwood. It stays quite floral all along as well .

My vintage bottle

I love a good white floral so this makes the grade for me. It's ladylike, elegant and a bit glamorous. It's not too soft nor is it too strong. It's also not sweet, fruity or  a body spray trying to be a perfume, thank goodness.

Sillage is good  as is the wear time. It starts off bigger then dries down to a medium level I'd say.

** shown is a mini of the fragrance

Norell New York is exclusive to Bergdorfs and Neimans.

Eau De Parfum (3.4 FL. OZ./100 mL): $150
Body Cream (6.7 OZ. / 189 g):  $95
Body Oil (8.0 FL. OZ. / 240 mL): $80


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