Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Votre Vu Lingerie Pur Les Yeux / Eyelid Smoother

Something called Lingerie Pour Les Yeux sounds very interesting , doesn't it ? Lingerie for the eyes, hmm.

Votre Vu's concealer primer by that name is an eyelid base but also a concealer, or at least it is for me. I've been using it under the eyes and like it. It's a thicker, harder product not super creamy or greasy but is very smooth  and easy to blend.  As a base it will help hold shadow on longer or  cover any discoloration on your lids. 

It has great coverage along with are anti aging ingredients like vitamin E, beeswax, and hibiscus extract  . 

There are two shades light and medium, medium shown. It's deep  for me but I can wear it and I am paler. Under eyes often are a bit darker though, so it worls for me.  Medium should work for a lot of skintones but not the darkest .

Votre Vu Lingerie Pur Les Yeux is $ 29 at

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