Monday, June 18, 2018

Jo Loves Fragrance Grafitti Body Spray

Jo Loves from Jo Malone is doing something a little different with their new line Fragrance Grafitti.

The fragrances come in a fun spray paint aerosol type bottle complete with a ball bearing in it that rattles when you shake it. (They are colorless, in case you were wondering)  I love the unique-ness here. It's  fun, and luxe body sprays seem to be a "thing" right now .  Most importantly , the scent is good.

Grapefruit is a masculine grapefruit. Dry, cool, not very sweet and touched by a little  green and herbs to my nose, that reminds of vetiver. It's fairly straightforward, easy to wear and unisex. The scent is light  but more than barely there and I got a few hours out if before it began to fade.  Sillage is light to medium. Not bad for a body spray. And the can makes for easy re- application over the course of the day or night .

The sprays comes in 4 scents- tuberose, grapefruit,  fig and vetiver . I really need to get the tuberose one.

  Jo Loves Fragrance Grafitti Body Spray  is $ 55 at Jo Loves 

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