Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Maybelline Super Stay Multi Use Foundation Stick

Stick foundations are having a moment it seems and I like it. I've always loved using them but for many years  they got hard to find.

With Maybelline's Summer launches come new Super Stay Multi Use Foundation Stick Stick  and this one ups the ante with a blending sponge attached to other end of the tube.

This formula here is  matte and it does feel pretty dry  on but blends easily  and has medium to almost full buildable coverage. If you're oily it will work well on it's own, anyone else will need some moisture prep underneath.

Even though this is quite matte I got a lot of oil breakthrough on my T Zone. This isn't unusual for me though and I even use a matte primer.  But what was intresting is that I didn't feel like the formula stayed matte all day.  It does have beeswax and camdellia wax, so that may be it.

Wear time was very good for the most part.  By the end of the work day it was still holding up well with just that T Zone touch up needed midday

In general I've had great success with Maybelline foundations.  I love Matte + Poreless and there was a Super Stay Silky years ago that was a staple for me in cold weather.

Maybelline Super Stay  Multi Use Foundation Stick  is $ 9.99 at Amazon, drugstores, Target and more.   More info @Maybelline

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