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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pureology Colour Fanatic 21 Benefits Hair Beautifier


This new leave in conditioner from Pureology is practically a miracle worker for hair. It does it all, 21 benefits to be exact. It  conditions, tames frizz, eases breakage , protects against color fade and heat damage, strengthens , adds shine and more. Ingredients include olive and coconut oils and hydrolyzed vegetable protein.

Basically with this one product you can do it everything with the exception of a styler like mousse if you use it. This will add light body as well but not major styling help.

With my hair getting drier I've been looking more to heavy duty leave- ins than ever. This has done a fantastic job. I wasn't sure how much to use at first so I sprayed it on heavily . I worried I might have overdone it, but no, my hair was perfect. Full of body, super soft but not weighed down , conditioned  .

If you have parched hair , frizzy hair, over heat styled  and /or color treated , give it a look. Your hair will thank you.

Pureology Colour Fanatic is $ 24 at salons .

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pureology Pure Volume

Pureology, the well done ( their Hydrate is one of my top shampoos), vegan and hair color friendly line ( no sulfates and their registered Anti Fade complex) recently added a  new version  of the Pure Volume line .

Consisting of  an updated shampoo and conditioner  and a couple stylers these aim to boost your mane.

Mainly I've used the shampoo/conditioner combo. Now I do have thick hair so some volume is built in , but this gave it a little lift . The Mom on the other hand has thin limp hair and really went for the shampoo especially. She found it did a nice job of helping her hair look less limp and more full.

The shampoo isn't one that is ulta moisturizing. You'll definitely need conditioner as it it really cleans but isn't overly hydrating . The matching conditioner is a light/medium one so for normal hair it should be good, anyone drier will need something heavier.

There is also a nice root lifter , Pure Volume Levitation Mist,  to help when drying hair to lift without breakage  and thicken strands, an important part to getting more volume.

**I noted that on their website it says that the old version, a concentrated ,  heavier moisture formula, will return to shelves in October.

You can find Purelogy Pure Volume at Ulta and selected  salons , find one near you at 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pureology Reviving Red Hair Care

 Redheads take a bow , we now we have our own haircare line.  Whether you are a faux redhead, or like me, natural, you can use the new Reviving Reds from Pureology.

 I am sure you've heard by now that colored red is the hardest hair color to keep fresh.  It fades quick and needs attention to keep it vibrant.

The full line consists of Reviving Red Shamp'Oil ( $ 29),  Conditioner ( $29), Illuminating Caring Oil( $ 32) and Red or Copper Reflect Enhancer ($ 40).

The Shamp'Oil is like their  Precious Oils one and very moisturizing.  More than my hair needs, but if you are dry, this is exactly what you need.   That, the conditioner and oil are not color depositing but help to maintain healthy hair. 

The  Red or Copper Reflects Enhancer  is the unique product in the line. Even though my hair is  natural it has changed in the past year to a be a little darker as well as losing the  highlights  that the summer sun  and pool water gives it. This is made to boost color a bit so I gave the Copper one  a try.   I think it made my hair brighter by a little but I didn't notice a lot of color. What it did  do was uber condition .  Hair felt like silk  when wet and it had loads of shine when dry. This is a really good idea for in between use. Pureology recommends it to be used once a week. Each box has 4 tubes.

 You work the Enhancer in  , leave on for 5  minutes and then rinse. Pureology does  rec wearing gloves but I didn't and it was fine.

The Illuminating Oil here is   almost gel like and non greasy yet moisturzing. Great for ends.  Oils used are sesame and sunflower and it leaves no residue or overall feel of oil on hair.

Good haircare really makes  a difference, so if you are red, or want to go red,  check this to help keep your color in tip top shape.

Pureology's Reviving Red is sulfate free and 100 % vegan ingredients.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Pureology Precious Oil

Pureology's new  Precious Oils line is for the driest of hair.   This is a moisturizing powerhouse and one that protects color as well,  using no sulfates or silicones.

Oils  are at the forefront here with products containing sunflower seed, coconut, olive and jojoba oils. Also  in there is the company's OleoAntiFadeComplex, which is the part dedicated to keeping your color lasting longer using 4x the active ingredients. They even guarantee it.

Instead of shampoo there is Shamp'Oil , and then there is conditioner and two treatment products- Softening Masque, a weekly deep conditioning treatment  and Versatile Caring Oil, which is the first Green Seal certified beauty product according to the company. ( Pureology's formulas are vegan).

My hair is not dry, more normal to slighty dry so ultimately this line was too much for my hair. I don't need that level of moisture but if you do, you'll most likely be pleased with  Precious Oils.  Hair is definitely softer and shiny.  After using the conditioner, even my hands felt softer.

If you heat style with flat irons, this is also a good choice. Flat irons fry hair and it needs  a lot of help and restructuring after .

The Pureology Precious Oils line is available now at salons.

Precious Oil Shamp'Oil $ 29.00
Precious Oil Conditioner $ 29.00
Precious Oil Softening Hair Masque $ 50.00
Precious Oil Versatile Caring Oil $ 40.00