Monday, August 6, 2012

Pureology Precious Oil

Pureology's new  Precious Oils line is for the driest of hair.   This is a moisturizing powerhouse and one that protects color as well,  using no sulfates or silicones.

Oils  are at the forefront here with products containing sunflower seed, coconut, olive and jojoba oils. Also  in there is the company's OleoAntiFadeComplex, which is the part dedicated to keeping your color lasting longer using 4x the active ingredients. They even guarantee it.

Instead of shampoo there is Shamp'Oil , and then there is conditioner and two treatment products- Softening Masque, a weekly deep conditioning treatment  and Versatile Caring Oil, which is the first Green Seal certified beauty product according to the company. ( Pureology's formulas are vegan).

My hair is not dry, more normal to slighty dry so ultimately this line was too much for my hair. I don't need that level of moisture but if you do, you'll most likely be pleased with  Precious Oils.  Hair is definitely softer and shiny.  After using the conditioner, even my hands felt softer.

If you heat style with flat irons, this is also a good choice. Flat irons fry hair and it needs  a lot of help and restructuring after .

The Pureology Precious Oils line is available now at salons.

Precious Oil Shamp'Oil $ 29.00
Precious Oil Conditioner $ 29.00
Precious Oil Softening Hair Masque $ 50.00
Precious Oil Versatile Caring Oil $ 40.00

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Olive said...

I just got this today. I've used the Hydrate line in the past but my hair is naturally curly and very dry. I need all the hydration I can get!