Sunday, August 19, 2012

Juliette Has A Gun Romantina

Juliette  Has A Gun's newest fragrance is Romantina.  I've enjoyed many from this line especially the delicious rose Miss Charming . The packaging/bottle has always charmed me as well.

Romantina is a  blend of musk, vanilla and white flowers  along with a good dose of vetiver .  It  makes  up one of those scents that wraps you like a soft sweater but one that also has substance. The white florals of  orange blossom, jasmine are soft and not indolic, and  the other notes are often in the lead . Romantina is also chypre like at times with the beloved  oakmoss feel even though it's not one of the notes but the cool iris is and that helps this feeling along.  There is  rose to add softness and  patchouli comes along at the drydown to sweeten the pot a little and that's also when  the vanilla is most apparant.   A vanilla that's neither sweet nor foody.

Romantina starts strong but ends up a  quiet, close to the skin lovely  floral that will be a nice addition  for  fall and winter.

Romantina is $ 85 for 50ml at

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