Thursday, August 30, 2012

Colgate Optic White

I think most of us are on the quest for whiter teeth. While  haven't tried any whitening treatments at a dentist , I am happy to use whitening toothpastes and occasionally, strips.

My most recent whitener is Colgate Optic White toothpaste. I know it's not super new, but  it's new to me and I haven't really used anything whitening for far too long.

With pastes it usually takes awhile to see results but hey we brush every day so why not use one that hopefully helps? I've been using Optic White for about a  month now and  about 3 weeks in started seeing results. Not  a huge difference but it's there. I would say it's one shade brighter. It's a slow process but as long as it's working , that's fine by me.

Colgate Optic White uses 1 % hydrogen peroxide for fast whitening. This is a strong paste and you can feel the tingle.

There is also now an Optic White Mouthwash to complement your daily routine.

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