Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pureology Reviving Red Hair Care

 Redheads take a bow , we now we have our own haircare line.  Whether you are a faux redhead, or like me, natural, you can use the new Reviving Reds from Pureology.

 I am sure you've heard by now that colored red is the hardest hair color to keep fresh.  It fades quick and needs attention to keep it vibrant.

The full line consists of Reviving Red Shamp'Oil ( $ 29),  Conditioner ( $29), Illuminating Caring Oil( $ 32) and Red or Copper Reflect Enhancer ($ 40).

The Shamp'Oil is like their  Precious Oils one and very moisturizing.  More than my hair needs, but if you are dry, this is exactly what you need.   That, the conditioner and oil are not color depositing but help to maintain healthy hair. 

The  Red or Copper Reflects Enhancer  is the unique product in the line. Even though my hair is  natural it has changed in the past year to a be a little darker as well as losing the  highlights  that the summer sun  and pool water gives it. This is made to boost color a bit so I gave the Copper one  a try.   I think it made my hair brighter by a little but I didn't notice a lot of color. What it did  do was uber condition .  Hair felt like silk  when wet and it had loads of shine when dry. This is a really good idea for in between use. Pureology recommends it to be used once a week. Each box has 4 tubes.

 You work the Enhancer in  , leave on for 5  minutes and then rinse. Pureology does  rec wearing gloves but I didn't and it was fine.

The Illuminating Oil here is   almost gel like and non greasy yet moisturzing. Great for ends.  Oils used are sesame and sunflower and it leaves no residue or overall feel of oil on hair.

Good haircare really makes  a difference, so if you are red, or want to go red,  check this to help keep your color in tip top shape.

Pureology's Reviving Red is sulfate free and 100 % vegan ingredients.

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