Friday, February 15, 2013

Redken Diamond Oil Collection

Oils are the word in haircare right now. Hair like most things has trends, cycles etc. And ultra hydrating haircare with oils is very much what's new .

It's is wonderful for those with drier hair.  For many years  it was hard to find something that moisturizing .   Even I use a little spray in light  oil on the dry ends at times , although oils are be  too much for my hair mostly.

Backstage at fashion week, Redken debuted their new Diamond Oil line.   Diamond Oil includes Shatterproof Shine ,  an oil that can be used wet or dry  and  works great not just for moisture but if you want to sleek back your hair  like the look seen at Victoria Beckham by Redken's Guido Palau. It also makes a great leave in on a  beach day  which since Diamond Oil launches in May , will be good timing.

 Redken Diamond Oil uses  new  Shine Strong Complex which acc. to Redken
 "  delivers a nourishing blend of natural apricot, camelina and coriander oils. Each of these oils were chosen for their unique ability to target different layers of the hair due to their molecular weights. The 2 oil treatments contains 99% natural oils and are silicone-free, which allows the oils to better penetrate to the core. Hair is fortified and conditioned , sparkling with prismatic diamond-like shine."

The line also uses Redken's   Interlock Protein Network™ (IPN).

There will be a whole line consisting of shampoo $ 18, conditioner $ 19, Deep Facets Oil Enriched Intensive Treatment $ 20,  and the oils itself which comes in 2 versions- Shatterproof Shine ( for medium hair) and Shatterproof Shine Intense ( for coarse hair). Both are $ 40 each.

Hit up their Facebook page here for a chance to win a sample of Diamond Oil

V. Beckham photo : Charles Sykes for Redken

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