Monday, February 25, 2013

Flower by Drew Barrymore- Lip Service Lip Butter

Have you tried Flower by Drew Barrymore yet? I finally have and it's really good. It was hard with this brand as it's  exclusively at Wal Mart and I don't have much love for them. I have personal experience with the Wal Mart machine . At the same time, it's new makeup .   So of course I'm interested and probably not the only one. Plus good makeup at a good price, don't want to ignore that. 

I've tried a  few things from the line and came away impressed.  Breaking it into  2 posts ,  today is the Lip Service Lip Butter. Next up will be BB and foundation. 

Lip Butters /Balms are a big thing right now, happily  for those of us who love them. 

Flower's are nicely moisturizing  and creamy  and  the moisture lasted long.   The finish is  medium pigment,  not  sheer  but not heavy with some shine.  One swipe does a good job . There is  a slight fragrance of rose, and no tas

 My shade is Princess and The Peony and I have to say I am quite liking  these and this shade. Which is not my usual color.   Peony is great for now and  in Spring . The finish here makes these a great warmer weather , easy lipstick. 

 Shades : 
 Petal to the Metal, Tempting Tulip, Rose-y Future, Princess & The Peony, Haute Honeysuckle, Mauve Mimosa, Sheer Snapdragon, Cherry Chiffon, and Wispy Wisteria

 $6.98 each, Available at Walmart and

Flower is Made in USA and Not tested on animals per their labeling.

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