Saturday, January 27, 2007

Armani Prive Couture- Oscar calling

The couture collections were in full swing this week in Paris. These are some of the most beautiful and fun clothes we get to see.
Each year, I look through to see which dresses I think are Oscar worthy, and this year , to my surprise, it came from Armani Prive. ( I usually pick a Valentino). This is one of the best collections from this house that I've seen in awhile. This dress is simply stunning and would make one of those lovely nominated ladies rule the red carpet. I can especially see this on Helen Mirren, although she usually doesn't do sleeveless.

Another look from Armani is this pantset. Not an Oscar look, but unique and beautiful. I am loving all the hats on the runways this year.

You can't see the makeup well in these photos, but the models have a dark copper/bronze shade on that is a beauty.

Speaking of makeup, I had to include a photo from the Dominique Sirop couture. The makeup here is a bit hard to pull off as is with the white eyelashes, but with a few tweaks it could go real world , real fast. Simply swell.

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