Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My thoughts on the Sept. Magazines...

I have been perusing several of the new big September issues and thought I'd weigh in with some thoughts. Commentary basically, which I like to do, but don't include here much.
All my own opinion of course.

Why ,oh why , another Lohan cover? Wasn't she just on there in the past year? I am not against Lindsey, just think she is overexposed, and have heard more about her than I could possibly want to. Also, when I think " High Fashion" , she does not come to mind.

In the interview with her, the author notices lots of paparazzi on the walk behind the restaurant, and behind where Lohan sits. She ( author)also says there are a couple " tubby tourists" with cameras ready. That was really uncalled for, and unkind , in my opinion. Not everyone can be a size 2, most people aren't,and no matter what size they are, lets not be name callers. Yes tourists often dress bad, preferring comfort over fashion, and yes, I dread that look, but sometimes all that schleping around without a limo to haul you and your stuff requires comfy shoes.

I mean, we could all follow just Lindsey's way, and presumably let the cocaine keep us thin, but that's not too cool is it?( In all fairness, she or the author may not eat for all we know, but thats not really good either.) yes exercise and diet are important things, but because someone doesn't practice them well, or at all, is no reason to reach out and smack them through print. It came off , to me, very uncharitable.

Now, I like ELLE mag, in general. I have been reading since the inaugural issue eons ago, and they are a fashion mag, so to be sure, those for whom fashion does not apply is not their game or audience, but being a little kinder should be everyones.


Ahh, the big September issue. How I , and many wait for it. The doorstop, I call it. Kudos first off to having not one but two pieces on Tennis. A page on the outfits of Wimbledon ( where somehow Roger Federer manages to outshine the ladies fashions with his natty outfits), and a piece on two up and coming great players and their look. Vogue has always been tennis friendly, which is good. I hear that Ms. Wintour is an avid player, so perhaps thats why.

I am in love with the looks in The Je T'aime Paris - Cafe Society feature. I want all those hats. Pat Mc Grath did a great job with the makeup as well. Speaking of Ms. McGrath, how nice too, to see a big feature on her, someone whose makeup takes up more space than mine.
Overall, though, I like the Sept. issue but didn't love it.

Sienna Miller again?? Not only is she not someone I don't thrill too see on a cover, but I wasn't into the photo either, and I really can't believe I am saying that about a Testino shot. Plus, were her eyebrows just too dark, or is that just me thinking it looked so- so. Sienna ,as has often happenned with cover shots, didn't quite look like herself either. Although, she looked way better than poor Cate Blanchett, who a supreme beauty all on her own, was almost unrecognizable by the time they got done digitizing her cover shot.

All that hats and gloves, and jewelry in the issue though, loved it.
Marie Claire:

When I heard Ashley Olsen was the cover girl, I seriously wondered. Turns out to be a great photo spread and interesting article. At least too, we haven't seen her on the cover of a big maagzine all the time.( Star doesn't count)

So who would I like to see on covers( if you care)
How about Sophia Loren?
Laura Linney ( She has a big movie coming out , a good qualification)

Thandie Newton

Sara Ramirez ( Greys Anatomy). I mean have you seen her Got Milk ad? Fabulous .

Monica Belluci
Audrey Tatou
Mary Louise Parker
Princess Caroline and daughter Charlotte Casiraghi

These are just a few.

Ok thats my bit . No offense to anyone, just my small take on things.

All photos from Sept. Vogue
Style.com, foto-decadent

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