Monday, August 20, 2007

Very Michael Kors - new fragrance

In September, Michael Kors is releasing a new fragrance called Very Michael Kors.

This new fragrance still carries much of the signature tuberose of the original, but had an added citrus fruit twist, some black plum, osmanthus and sugar cane.

Very MK was a sparkly( and I hate to use a seemingly overexposed word in perfume talk, but it suits here ), burst on my skin. The fruits are more to the fore than the floral but this is not a " fruity floral " fragrance". There seems to be a nice balance between the fruit and the floral. Initially a citrus-y burst comes out ,quickly joined by the tuberose lightly. The drydown is more true to the original but softer . More floral in the end, but still a different fragrance. It is less green than it's predecessors.

It's a very soft and warm fragrance, and could be worn anytime, day or night. It wears well, with soft to medium sillage and good lasting power.

I am a fan of the Michael Kors line in general, and I have both the Original and Sheer versions. This is a nice addition, and to my nose, a bit better than the original, but in a tie with Sheer.

Very Michael Kors retails for 65.00 for 1.7oz in an EDP

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