Friday, August 31, 2007

Remembering Princess Diana

I , like many, was a young girl jumping out of bed at 4AM to watch THE wedding, the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer to Prince Charles. A royal watcher since the day she came on the scene, before the official engagement announcement even ,and I have been ever since.

That day was amazing, and so in many ways was the life that came with it. She was not perfect, but loved all the same. She invigorated the Royal Family, and because she was a young lady with a love of fashion like anyone her age, she also became a fashion icon. Some of her choices may seem odd or dated all these years later, but I assure you , most were high fashion at the time, like the Majorette outfit she wore to a base visit. That was a look then.

In memorial of the tenth anniversary of her passing, I wanted to pick some of my favorite looks/images of her. Some are ones that are pretty familar, but others are not seen as often. For instance, the one where her hair is all wet. That was taken at a Pavarotti concert, held outside in Hyde Park. I remember seeing that picture the first time when it was published, and wondering how anyone could that good in a soaking rainstorm. Golden glowing skin, lipgloss all there( did she make a pit stop first ?) I think she looks so perfect here, the only photos that top it are the famous Testino sittings.

10 years after her passing, and she is still missed, and we still like to look at her dresses and looks. The wedding dress itself seems dated, but again it wasn't then. No one could ooh and ahh fast enough. Time has weathered it some. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the exhibition of her gown and dresses. What a wonderful thing it was to see this in person. The dress isn't as perfect as we all assumed , but that train is truly amazing. A favorite part, seeing not only the shoes as well, but a parasol made in case the weather wasn't going too well. I am adding my own pictures of the exhibit( I believe it's earrings on that small velvet piece.)

The plaid outfit was for the Braemar Games in the early 80s.( Look at that young face) The plaid and green suit also 80s on a visit to Venice.

The mint green dress shows her wearing a pair of shoes you'll see in many pictures if you look closely, and have been said to be her favorite pair. Good choice, as they are quite nice.

The Patrick Demarchalier photos of her in her black top and legging and gown and crown were so beautiful, appearing on a magazine cover, I thought them some of the best photos I had seen( and not just of her). So well done, and capturing the Princess differently than we had ever seen her.

The tiara shot is in what's said to be one of her favorite dresses. A regal portrait.

The last from the Mario Testino's shoot, that was in Vanity Fair only just before she died. These are beyond beautiful and show such a modern woman. I have and have saved that issue. So far on, can it really be that long ? For those of us of that era, watching the telly on a really early morning, it's hard to believe.

Images: getty

Wedding dress images: Beauty Alchemist

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